How to Increase website traffic? : A beginner’s guide

This post was most recently updated on May 02, 2019

Did you try any methods for getting more traffic?

In this post, I’ll show you how to increase your website traffic. This is the exact same strategy that I used to increase the website traffic for many of my client’s website.

Here are the strategies that you should use to get the website traffic.

  1. Optimize your website content
  2. Basic SEO Settings
  3. Spread it through social media
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Online Advertising
  6. Answer in Quora

Optimize your website content

Content is a king. Your website content should be relevant to your user. If you want to increase your traffic, you should optimize your content as much as possible.

Your website page’s headline should be catchy and easy to understand. You can add related keywords in to page heading. This will help in your on-page SEO.

Follow proper on-page SEO optimization tactics along with meaningful content.

Use short paragraphs in your content so it will be easy to read. Try to connect your user with stories or information that he is looking for.

Overall, you need to produce a compelling content for your audience.

Basic SEO Settings

You don’t need to be technical to do some basic SEO settings. The first step, you need to think about keyword which your audience will search in Google and come to your website. You can also use tools like Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Moz to find out the right keyword.

Once you have your keyword, you can add that keyword in your Meta Title and Meta Description. You should also use that keyword in your page title or blog title as H1 tag. And finally, use that keyword in your page content for a couple of times.

Additionally, You can link your website from other websites for backlinks and give some external links on your pages where it is relevant. This will help you boost your SEO rankings and the higher ranking will increase your website traffic.

Learn how to effectively apply SEO to your website from my SEO tutorial for beginners.

Spread i through social media

Producing content is not enough. You have to share your content with more people in order to get more visibility. So promote your content through social media channels. You should consider Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Twitter.

But, You have to build an audience on your social media channels in order to spread it to more people. If you share your content on social media but you don’t have any followers, it won’t work. So start inviting people to like your page, keep your social channels on the website, take part in groups and be proactive on your channels.

These days organic reach of social media platforms are very limited. You can even promote your contents through ads on social media. It will help you reach more people.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is essential part of any business to convert more customers. You can consider adding subscribe option on your website which will collect email addresses. You can keep this option in about us page, exit pop-up, and footer.

Do not forget to take permission or send an email campaign to only those who have subscribed to your list. This will make sure that you are reaching to the right audience and your invested time will give you proper returns.

You can educate them through some emails and then pitch your product or services to them and redirected them to the website and it will help you increase your website traffic. Educating your client will lead to more conversions for your website.

Online Advertising

If you have money to spend on your business and you have enough marketing budget, you can think about the Advertising option.

You can do ads through Facebook or Google Ads. Facebook is cheaper compared to Google Ads so according to your budget, you can start doing ads. There are many platforms but these 2 are widely used and reliable for ad campaigns.

When you do ads, remember to divert your traffic to your website either on a homepage or specific landing page. It is important to send your visitors to relevant pages based on ads you are showing. This will eventually help you get more traffic in less amount of spending.

Answer in Quora

Quora is a Q & A website where you can ask or answer any question. You can dominate with quora and increase your website traffic but you have to make sure that you write an answer to educate people and add a link to your website where it’s relevant.

First, you need to select the category you want to answer. You can even search for question based on your keywords and your industry. Once you have your questions found, you can simply draft a good and relevant answer for them.

Here is how you can start. Open your account on Quora.com Fill up necessary details and optimize your bio. Search for questions to answer and start answering along with a backlink to your website.


That’s what it takes to get more traffic on your website. Remember, You will not get website traffic in just a few days. You have to be patience and keep working on given ideas to generate more traffic.

And you don’t need to start with all the strategies together. You can simply pick one or two strategies and start working on it and slowly you can add more strategies to your plan.

However, Omnichannel approach works better. So with time, build your business around all the available channels. In case any channel breaks, you will still get traffic from other channels.

So which strategies you will be starting first? Do you have any other ideas? Leave a comment below.

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