About Me

This is Viken Patel from Surat, India.

I am a Digital Marketing Consultant specialized in SEO
I started my career as a web designer and when I left my job I was a Head of marketing.
And now I am helping business grow their leads online as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

To explore my enthusiasm for SEO and everything digital marketing, I started this blog where I share my experiences and some tricks of the trade that I have learned over the years.

I answer some burning questions like

  • How to increase organic traffic with SEO?
  • How to increase leads from your website?
  • How to learn SEO?
  • How to create a website or blog easily without technical knowledge?

To people who have newly entered the world of digital marketing, here are some of my most read blogs and pagethat will give you a jump start

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  7. Local SEO
  8. Landing page optimization

A little background about me

I come from the humble city of Surat which is in Gujarat, India.

I was introduced to the world of marketing when I started my career as a Web designer back in 2008.

Over the years, I expanded my horizon and learned more and more about marketing little by little.

About 4 years back people around me (and me) started realizing that my transition from just a web designer and a novice marketer to an expert digital marketer was almost complete.

At that time, the move from managing a team of 7 designers to the digital marketing team in the same company was bold and scary for me. After all, I was risking my well paid designer job was new career.

I stayed strong and 4 years later, I am currently the Head of the entire Marketing Team at the same company.

As I said earlier, on this blog, I am all about sharing my experience and learning about Digital Marketing, Website Designing, and of course, personal growth.

If you ever find yourself stuck with your company growth or need a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your marketing strategy, I would be happy to help you out.

For any concerns, information or help, feel free to contact me at viken[at]vikenpatel.com.