SEO Audit Masterclass

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SEO Audit Masterclass

Learn how to do manual SEO Audit in just 1 hour

A complete SEO audit that will help you increase your organic traffic.
Technical SEO Audit, Keyword Audit, On-page SEO Audit, Off-page SEO Audit, Local SEO Audit and More.
Get Free SEO Audit Checklist with this course.

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Why do you need an SEO Audit?

I would recommend running an SEO Audit every 3 or 6 months to ensure the latest SEO practices. Here are the reasons why you need an SEO audit.

Win More SEO Projects

SEO audit is an effective way of getting more SEO projects. You can win more SEO projects using this manual SEO audit process, along with an action plan.

Increase Organic Traffic

The manual SEO audit process ensures that you have all your SEO parameters fixed. Continuous audit and updating content help you increase your organic traffic.

Latest SEO Strategies

You need proven SEO strategies from the SEO consultant to get the expected results. You will get all the latest updates in this SEO audit process.

What includes in SEO Audit Masterclass?

SEO audit masterclass is more than a 1-hour video where I explained the complete step by step SEO audit with example. This is different from running an SEO Audit using any tool. I teach how to prepare an action plan along with this SEO audit.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO issues can affect your rankings negatively without even realizing it. Learn how to fix technical SEO parameters step by step.

Content SEO Audit

Content audit helps you understand your content quality and readability. You will also learn how to find out content gaps to improve your SEO results.

Keyword Analysis

Find out currently ranked keywords and learn how to find more keywords for the website. This will help you suggest more keywords to your clients.

Local SEO Audit

Technical SEO problems can negatively affect your rankings, in many cases, without even realizing it. We will review your technical SEO infrastructure and make specific recommendations on how to solve any issues.

On-page SEO Audit

Learn how to audit all the on-page SEO parameters from meta title to keywords optimization to URL to image optimization.

Search Traffic Analysis

Auditing search traffic will help you understand their current status, and you can plan the SEO target for your customers accordingly.

Off-page SEO Audit

Backlinks are crucial part of SEO. You need to focus on quality backlinks. You must not buy any links from anyone. It can hurt your SEO badly.

User Experience / CRO Audit

Google wants to give the best user experience to its users. So it’s wise to do the same on your website, and it will help you increase your rankings.

Get it now at just ??297 ?2,997
Limited Period Offer

Who is this course for

SEO Freelancers

This course will help SEO freelancers to win more SEO projects. This is an exact step by step process that I used to win my SEO projects.

SEO Professionals

SEO audit course will help SEO professionals working in a company to increase their website rankings and organic traffic.

Business Owners

Business owners will understand how SEO works and whether their SEO team is working in the right direction or not to improve SEO.

About The Author

Viken Patel is a digital marketer with a passion for SEO, Analytics, automation, and building strategies. Also, an SEO blogger, consultant, and head of marketing. I have 5 years of experience in digital marketing. Follow me on LinkedIn to get the latest tips on SEO.
Viken Patel, Digital Marketer specialized in SEO

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SEO Audit Masterclass FAQs

How long does it take to do a manual seo audit?

It takes approx 1 hour to finish the SEO audit for one website. However, it depends on your speed of auditing and knowledge of each SEO audit parameters.

What is the difference between a manual Audit and an SEO Audit tool?

SEO Audit tools give you suggestions based on predefined parameters. A manual SEO audit will allow you to be dynamic, and you can check more parameters than audit tools.

What does Google say about SEO Audits?

Google recommends to hire an SEO Expert. They suggest asking for SEO audit before hiring an SEO consultant or company.

Why are you selling this course at a low price?

I am an SEO consultant. I am already making good money. I want to give back to the SEO community, so I will always sell all basic courses at a low cost.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No. I am selling this course at a small price. However, If you have any complaints, reach out to me at viken[at]vikenpatel.com. I will help you with your query.

What if I have more questions?

Happy to help! You can always reach out to me on my social media channels or viken[at]vikenpatel.com after you buy the course.

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