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SEO Audit Services

Get your website audited for SEO by SEO experts and watch your website rise in rank and get organic traffic.

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Why do you need an SEO Audit?

SEO is something that is dynamic in nature, and search engines keep adding new rules on how to optimize your site. In order to be compliant with existing and new SEO standards, industry experts suggest running a full site SEO Audit every 6 months. We have done hundreds of SEO audits over the years and have found that in the following cases, they are most helpful: 

Low Website Ranking And Poor Traffic

You can’t seem to attain high website rankings for your goal keywords, despite doing everything you can think of in terms of SEO.    

SEO Planning And Advisory

You are looking for a solid SEO strategy and advice for an SEO Expert

New Strategies In Seo

You want to make sure that your website is up to date and make the most out of the latest SEO trends and practices. 

Organic Traffic Dropping

You do not know how to reverse the pattern of your declining organic traffic.

Google Penalty Issues

You need a course of action to restore and reclaim your website ranking after being penalized by Google.      

Rank For Paid Keyword

You own an online store and can’t achieve high rankings and traffic for your paid keywords.

SEO Audit Services

When you work with us, you can rest assured because all our SEO audits are carried out manually by SEO Experts. This makes a huge difference as compared to using a Technical SEO Audit tool. Our experts will evaluate your overall SEO results, your website and its position in your industry. They will provide you with a detailed report and an action plan with details on the steps to be taken to take in order to maximize your SEO rankings and traffic.  Even though every SEO audit service is customized to the specific website’s needs, they all share the following details.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO issues will adversely impact your scores, even without noticing them. As a part of our SEO Technical Audit service, we examine the technical SEO infrastructure of your website and include useful instructions to resolve and issues.

On-Page SEO Audit

Our SEO site audit service includes us reviewing your website’s on-page SEO structure and all the pages on it, including the homepage. This is to ensure that you give Google’s algorithms the correct “signals.” 

Off-Page SEO Audit

We will review your website’s backlink profile to recognize any toxic links that can impact your rankings and provide clear feedback on how your link profile can be enhanced.

Content SEO Audit

Our SEO Content Audit will evaluate if the content on your website is SEO friendly. It will also evaluate if the search engines understand the content and simultaneously meet the user’s search intent. 

Email Support

For any of the things covered in the Audit report, you can contact our SEO experts directly, ask them questions or request more information. 

Keyword Research Analysis

It all begins with a keyword in SEO, and it’s the foundation of all successful SEO campaigns. We would ensure that your website targets the most optimum keywords and send you suggestions on new keywords to target to fulfill your customer’s intent. 

Website Structure Audit

Most individuals often neglect the value of having a well-defined site layout, which doesn’t go well when it comes to SEO. We will check your website’s layout and make clear suggestions on refining it to serve your customers best.

Custom SEO Strategy

Most websites struggle because there is no clear SEO plan in place for them. As part of your full SEO audit, we will recommend an SEO plan that will be designed just for you.

Action Plan

Any audit report without some kind of plan of action is just another audit. In order to boost your SEO efficiency within 60 days or less, we will send you a prioritized action plan for what you need to do. Actionable things that can make a real difference

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Case Study

The above screenshot illustrates how, after our SEO recommendations, a the site’s organic search volume rose in just 6 months. We ensure this kind of results with our SEO audit service. We don’t have to fake reviews; our results speak for themselves.

Case Study - Increase in traffic

SEO Audit Pricing

Get Manual SEO Audit specific to your website. It also Includes free email support.
Pricing for SEO Audit will be given on consultation call. So book your free consultation call today!
SEO Audit includes:

  • Drive organic traffic to your website
  • Enhance your website’s visibility on search engines like Google 
  • Boost Conversion & User Experience
  • Enhance your On-page SEO 
  • Receive detailed link building recommendations
  • Specific suggestions to enhance the quality of content
  • Restore your ranking or avoid Google penalties
  • A plan of action created just for you
  • Quick Email Support
  • 200+ checks in all aspects of SEO
  • Advice from SEO Experts
  • Low expense, high benefit investment

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SEO Expert

Viken Patel performs all SEO Audits. He has more than four years of experience as the Head of Marketing at a well-known establishment in Surat. He now helps business grow their leads online as an SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Viken Patel, Digital Marketing Consultant, Surat, India

SEO Audit FAQs

How long does my personalized SEO audit take?

It usually takes around ten working days for us to audit your site thoroughly.

What CMS/platforms or platforms do you support?

We cover all channels like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and custom-built websites for our SEO audit and website analysis.

Will an SEO audit help me with my eCommerce site?

Yes, our SEO audit service involves evaluating eCommerce SEO and providing guidance about how the traffic and conversion results can be increased.

Is it possible to follow the advice even with minimum technical knowledge?

Yes, we use simple, easy-to-understand vocabulary, which helps SEO beginners and people from non-technical backgrounds.

What is Google’s say on SEO Audits?

In all truth, they recommend it heavily. They even advise seeking a technical and a search audit before recruiting an SEO agency to hire an SEO guide.

How does a manual SEO audit differ from an SEO audit tool?

SEO audit tools work on set and predefined rules and can only give recommendations based on them. A manual SEO audit conducted by an SEO expert will be able to tell you exactly why your SEO campaigns are not giving you desired results and steps to overcome them.

I need assistance in implementing the changes suggested. Can you help?

Our skilled developers and team of SEO experts will help you execute any of the improvements proposed in the study.

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