DigitalDeepak Internship is not about just learning, It’s about achieving life goal

I learn every day. I learn from various online sources. But, I always felt that I need a mentor who can help me with further direction.

A year and a half ago, I came to know about DigitalDeepak. I found his blogs and emails very interesting and inspiring. It was showing me the right direction that I was looking for. (And I am thankful to him that I have a blog today)

I felt that I have to consult with him to be full time with this and here I got the opportunity with this internship program.

From the first session, I have my clear direction and goal towards career and life. As I mentioned, It’s all about achieving life goals and not just about learning.

This was a missing piece that I was not able to figure out from a long time.

I am glad that I am doing this internship. I am sure there is more to learn.

Why It’s all about life goals?

He did not discuss only digital marketing. He taught us everything that we need to know to become a marketer(Not digital marketer).

Yes, fundamentals of marketing.

Learning marketing can help you throughout your life. You won’t face any major problem even if the Digital form of marketing will change to something else in the future.

He also explained the economy, market demand and digital marketing demand in the future. This helped us understand how to think when you are a marketer.

It’s not all about SEO, Social media marketing, paid marketing and so on. It’s about understanding the core concept of marketing and applying it everywhere.

So, you know now why it’s all about life goals.

Let me share my learning now.

Life Lessons Learned in the first session

Yes, I am going to call life lessons. Many lessons I learned are not limited to only digital marketing but it will help you improve your overall life.

You have to see it differently. If you are doing digital marketing training, it doesn’t mean you should only focus on learning digital marketing. Your goal must be to improve your overall life instead of just earning money.

I can see this in his personality. And I want to learn that too along with marketing.

Let’s dive right in.

Lesson 1: Don’t be scared to put yourself in front of the world 

Even though I am blogging and actively posting every day on LinkedIn, I am still scared to put myself in videos.

But what I understood is, putting out yourself in front of everyone is a key to success. If you don’t show your true self to the world, you won’t achieve your goal.

People might judge you but that’s OK. You don’t need to worry about them. On your path, you will learn to ignore them.

I also understand that It takes time to adapt to this but I want to put myself out as much as possible.

Lesson 2: Be the best at one thing

I somehow knew this earlier from Deepak’s blog so I started focusing on only SEO around 8 months ago on this blog.

The point was, no one will remember you if you are second or third at something. So when people think about your niche, they must think of your name.

If you can make that happen, you will have easy success in your professional career.

For example, Digital Deepak is one of the top 10 digital marketers in India.

“Best known always beat the best”

Lesson 3: Build your personal brand. Build your tribe

Everyone knows that building a personal brand helps. But what I learn is how to build one for yourself. He shows his strategy of building his brand and that was extensive. In fact, this internship program is also part of it.

He also insisted on building your tribe. When you have your unique content and perspective, you will have your tribe following you and those people will also be a brand ambassador of your brand.

As an effect, you will get leads and clients without giving too much effort into sales. And people will pay you a good amount of money.

Additionally, a personal brand will help you become a better person as well. You will be more responsible, more authentic, more genuine and more humble.

Lesson 4: You don’t need to know everything

This is more similar to lesson 2. But I want to emphasize it. Most people think that you need to know a lot of things to become a master. While the reality is, you don’t need to be master at everything.

If you know enough to execute and bring results, it’s good enough to go ahead in your career.

So, I am now more confident to go into the market for a business. I already know enough to put myself out there.

Lesson 5: Finding the market demand

This was interesting learning. As an SEO guy, I always do keyword research for many purposes. But Deepak shows us another use of keyword research which is finding the marketing demand.

Yes, that’s completely new for me.

The process remains the same but the thought process behind it will change.

You can find suggested keywords from Google or key phrases of answerthepublic.com. All these are already searched by users. So it means there is a demand for that particular topic. You can start writing content around that topic.

So, if you are getting started and do this process, you will be able to find the market demand for the topics related to your business.

This is a great way to start any business.

Lesson 6: Communication is the key

Deepak had changed my thoughts on communication. I knew it was important to learn but only from the perspective of English. I realized that communication also helps when you do networking, marketing, sales or even when you write content like this.

Content creation will be a more natural and easy process if I improve my communication skills.

A most interesting thing he told on this point: “Writing is a good way to learn because while writing you are slowing down your thought process”

I never thought about this. I started writing a year ago. When I see my journey I can 100% relate to this. I feel my thought process while writing this.

And I believe, If I know what I am doing and I am more aware, I can do a better job at it.

Lesson 7: India is a key market

Deepak explained about the economy. Yes, the economy.

He explained how the economy grows with the average age of the country. And India has an average age of 28 which means we have a better future in India to grow and earn money.

He explained it in in-depth on how the economy will rise in the future. And, as the economy in India will rise in the future, opportunities will be more in India than in other countries.

It was really fun to learn about the economy. However, I still have to research more to understand the economy better but we all get the point as he explained it so well.


That’s it.

This is all that I learned from Class 1. As per me, It’s about achieving life-goal and not only digital marketing training. I am sure I will be a better person after the internship along with marketing skills.

I am going to focus on one thing when it comes to targeting my audience. I will improve my communication skills. I will also let go of my fear of putting myself out to the world. And, I will be more focused on the goal.

BTW, this was my first assignment. Completed!

I hope you learned something from this article.

I would request you to share it if you liked it.

Leave a comment on what do you think about these lessons or are you going to apply any of it anywhere?

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