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FAQ Page Schema Generator

The FAQ Page Schema Generator a.k.a JSON-LD Generator is new tool by Viken Patel to quickly create the structure data snippet for your website page.

FAQ Schema helps you display a rich snippet in Google search result page. You don’t need to learn code for implementing FAQpage Schema on your website page. I created FAQ Schema Generator tool to make your implementation easier.


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JSON-LD FAQ Schema Code

Learn how to use FAQ Page Schema Generator

Watch the below video and learn how to use FAQ Schema Generator. In this video, you will also learn how to test your JSON-LD code on Google Rich Result Test Tool.

FAQpage Schema example on Viken Patel

What is FAQPage Schema?

FAQPage schema indicates that your page contains the list of questions and answers(FAQs). With this structure data markup, your page will stand a chance to display this additional information on the Google Search result page(SERP). You can build this markup either using JSON-LD format or microdata format. 

Find more information about FAQ schema on Google

How to ensure that your FAQPage schema is displaying correctly?

The easiest way is to search for your article using your focus keyword on Google and see if you can see the FAQs in the search results. It would look somewhat like the image in above section.

Google Search Console also provides information on how many of your pages have FAQ schema available on the page. Please note, if you have recently applied the FAQ schema, then you will have to wait for a while before you can see it in the Google Search Console.

FAQ Schema in Google Search Console

How to add FAQ Rich Snippets to Your Website?​

There are two ways that you can add FAQPage schema to your website- JSON-LD format or Microdata. The best thing is, it will hardly take you 5 minutes to add it to your website.

Use the schema markup generator above to generate JSON-LD code and put it on your website. Watch the video above to learn how to use the tool.

Does FAQPage schema help me get on Voice Search results?

As of now, Google has not specified anything about considering FAQpage schema in voice search results. Most voice search results come from Feature Snippets.

However, with an increase in visibility via FAQPage schema helps you get into Feature Snippet easily. So you might end up helping you for Voice Search Results slowly if you make it to Feature Snippet.

What is the difference between an FAQ and QA Schema Markup?

FAQ and QA page schema are 2 different types of schema markup with slightly different purposes.

If your page has multiple questions and answers on your page for the same topic, you should use the FAQPage schema.

And if your page has a system where the end-user can submit the questions and answers, you should use the QA schema. Sites like Quora can use this.

Can I use HTML tags in FAQ schema?

Yes, you can use HTML tags in the answer of FAQ schema. As per Google’s guideline, these are the valid HTML tags:
<h1> through <h6>,
<br>, <ol>, <ul>,
<li>, <a>, <p>,
<div>, <b>, <strong>
<i>, and <em>.

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