Landing page optimization: 9 actionable tips to increase your landing page conversions

Are you tracking your landing page conversions?

Of course, you are.

In this article, I am sharing my top 9 actionable tips that will help you optimize your landing page ultimately increasing your conversions.

This is the exact step by step guide that I personally use to increase landing page conversion for many of my clients.

Before we dive into the 9 tips, let’s understand a little more about landing page optimization and why you should focus on it.

What is Landing page optimization?

Landing page optimization is the process of improving or updating different elements of your landing page like images, content and overall user experience to increase conversions. The usability of your page is the core of landing page optimization.

Why landing page optimization is important?

The ultimate goal of every landing page is to obtain the maximum number of leads (conversions). The process of optimization helps you accelerate the conversion rate.

Most people only focus on getting more traffic on the landing page and skip the part of landing page optimization. In that case, you will get plenty of visitors and but not enough conversions.

Landing page optimization is an important part of your website conversion optimization. It helps you get the desired results at a faster pace. Additionally, higher the conversion rate, lesser you pay on your PPC campaigns. Most importantly, you get more customers because you have more qualified leads.

So let’s get started with the best practices improving your landing page conversions.

Here are my 9 secret tips.

  1. Clean page design
  2. CTA
  3. Headlines
  4. Add trust factor. Social Proof.
  5. Create a sense of Urgency
  6. A/B Testing
  7. Keep contact form with fewer elements
  8. Use Exit Popup
  9. Use the heatmap tool

Clean Page Design

The design of your landing page must be attractive and elegant. Keep your needs and likes of your target audience in mind while creating the design.

The navigation of the page must be smooth and easy. Remember to keep the Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the visitor’s viewpoint all the time. So that they easily click and go to the form page anytime they decide to convert.

The whitespace on the page will make the landing page look clean and elegant. Use bullet points and subheading instead of long-form content. This will help get your message across even to people who just skim over the page.

Keep in mind, less is more- so, keep it very simple

Apart from this, make most of the visual impact by using images to convey your message to people are more likely to get influenced with visual data than large pieces of copy which they might not read.

Add all the important information above the fold so your visitors will understand what your landing page is about in the first few seconds.

Call to Action

Call to Action (CTA) is the meat of the landing page and should be simple to understand with words that encourage users to take an action like click now, book the session now etc

The CTA button needs to be attractive and unique. Keep the colour pattern of your CTA contrasting to the rest of the page. This makes the CTA quite noticeable while your visitors don’t need to guess where to go next.

Distribute the CTAs across the page, so whenever the visitor is convinced about your offer, they can easily click on the CTA and convert.

Headlines with a clear message

As I said earlier, most people who visit your website will not read everything but will just glance over the content. It is advisable to add meaningful headlines to catch their attention and convince them to give you their details.

You can make a direct offer through the headline or explain what your product is about with clear message. A direct message resonates with the viewers and can help you increase your conversions.

I am sure you must be researching the pain points of your customers and the for ways you can provide the solution to them. Make sure you address those pain points in the sub-headings. This will resonate the most with your target audience.

Use Power Words that trigger an emotional response from the audience. According to studies, the use of words like Today, Now, Simple, Top, Win and more can help increase conversion.

Lastly, create at least 5-7 headlines for one page or blog and then decide the best from it. And if you like more, try A/B testing for that page with different headlines. We’ll talk about it later in this article.

Add trust factor. Social Proof.

We millennials have trust issues, thus, we like to check reviews before we purchase anything everything.

Make sure you add customer reviews to your landing page. As positive reviews from other people add a trust factor to your business and drive the decision making process in your target audience.

You can even add the name of your clients in your page for a reference. To add weight to your trust factor, display the client region wise. Visitors can relate to the client from their region more than the other side of the country or world.

Additionally, I would suggest you add a review score and display any awards that you might have received from review sites like Capterra, FourSquare or Google Reviews.

Create a sense of Urgency

One of the most popular ways to increase conversion is to create a sense of urgency in your offer. We all have gravitated towards those “Limited period offer” or “Only 1 qty. left” while only browsing through eCommerce sites. Such sense of urgency converts well and that’s why you see websites brimming with such offers all the time.

Keep your form fields with a fewer fields

Now comes the part that most businesses get wrong- the contact form. Keep the number of fields on the landing page form to a minimum. Only ask for data that you absolutely need.

Again, it depends on your business. Sometimes some businesses with products and services on a higher price range might need more information and that might work well for them. This will help you keep the junk leads away and filter out quality leads.

Use Exit Popup

Exit popups are the hail mary of landing pages and appear as soon as the visitor tries to leave the page. This is somewhat of the last opportunity for you to keep visitor stay longer on the page.

Use visual effects, a very strong heading and super convincing CTA, enticing them to convert or stay on the page.

Throw in some value-added offers like discounts or a free sample or trials rounds to make it worth their while. You can even try adding surveys or quizzes with relevant questions to make them stay on the page.

There are many tools or plugins available which will help you create an exit popup. Try A/B testing with different headlines or CTA and take the final decision based on the results.

A/B Testing

We have already used the term A/B testing quite a few times before. For those, who are unsure of what is A/B testing- it is a method in which we test the results of the same landing page with small changes on a similar audience and see which has better results.

While conducting A/B testing, stick to one change instead of many in one test. This will provide you with the exact data as to which page is performing better.

Record the elements that perform better than the rest and integrate them all in the other pages as well.

Run as many tests as possible to gather the data of what’s working and what’s not working. Document the results and apply the positive elements to all other landing pages.

Do not forget to revise the data as you test because something might work right now but might not work that well after some time and you might want to relook into the data.

You can use tools like Google Optimize to run the A/B tests. There are many other paid tools available which can also help you conduct A/B tests for better results.

Landing Page Optimization tool

There are many paid and free tools with limitations, available to help you optimize your landing page with features like Heatmap reading, click report, recordings, snapshot and more. These tools also offer options for A/B testing.

Such tools help you understand the user behaviour and accordingly you can optimize the page further.

With recordings, you can even check how the user is surfing your website and pages and where they are clicking and how they are navigating throughout the website.

Heatmap gives you the insights on how your visitors are scrolling, clicking and more. If you use this information and analyze your page, you can easily optimize your page and improve your conversions.

If you are using tools like Google Optimize for A/B testing, you can select one parameter and start testing different versions. Crazyegg is one of the great tools that will help you optimize your landing page.


Relax if you are new to the whole landing page optimization game and all these Must Do list baffled you.

Start with a few things and move forward from there- use this guide to help you start the optimization process

These 9 tips will help you figure out what’s working and what’s not working for your prospect and leads.

What do you think about these tips? Are you optimizing your landing page?

If you have any tips that you are using and I have not mentioned, I would love to know more about it. Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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