25 Free SEO Tools you should be using to increase your rankings

This post was most recently updated on November 10, 2019

Looking for a list of the best free SEO tools? You have come to the right place!

If you are anything like me, you love free stuff too. For people like us, I have curated a list of all the Free SEO audit tools that will help you improve your website rankings.

These tools are absolutely necessary to grow your business on a day to day basis. I personally use most of these solutions regularly to ensure the growth to the next level.

It’s all about working smart.

If you have the right tools, there’s nothing that can stop you.

Here is a list of 25 free SEO audit tools that are all about boosting business.

All in One SEO Pack

Use: Technical SEO

A free WordPress plugin that will help you with everything related to SEO.

It’s the perfect alternative to the comprehensive Yoast SEO plugin. The best thing about this tool is that it auto-generates the meta description tag using your target keywords

Learn more about All in One SEO Pack

Get Pro Version of All in One SEO Pack

Google Analytics

Use: Website Tracking

A must have tracking tool for anybody who runs a website or blog. You can track your visitors, channels, behavior and more using Google Analytics.

Learn more about Google Analytics

Google Mobile-Friendly Test

Use: Website mobile testing

Google launched this tool to examine the website’s performance and examine user-experience from a mobile device. All you have to do is enter the URL in the box and it will show you if the page is mobile friendly or not. You can even do it by copying pasting your code.

Test your website with Mobile-Friendly Test

Google PageSpeed Insights

Use: Website speed testing and analysis

Google’s PageSpeed Insights will analyze your website and show you the website’s speed score. It will also offer suggestions on how to improve your page speed by listing down the problems and solutions.

Test your website with PageSpeed Insights


Use: Website speed testing and analysis

You can easily address those issues and increase your website speed

webpagetest also analyzes your website and shows you the breakdown of your website score. It gives you a complete overview of how your website is loading, where it takes more time and the lagging areas as well.

Test your website on webpagetest.org

Google Search Console

Use: SEO Analysis

Google Search Console is one of the most powerful tools for SEO. It greatly helps in increasing website visitors- especially organic traffic.

It shows you the website’s position, impressions, clicks, CTR and more which helps in determining your site’s performance on Google search engine and take measures needed to improve the ranking.

Learn more about Google Search Console

Google XML Sitemaps

Use: Technical SEO

This WordPress plugin will automatically create and submit sitemaps to your Google Search Console. Doesn’t get better than that and it is again a great alternative for the Yoast SEO plugin. However, if you are using Yoast SEO, you don’t have to use this.

Learn more about Google XML sitemap

XML Sitemaps

Use: Technical SEO

In simple words, XML Sitemaps is a sitemap generator.

If you are not using WordPress and have a static site, you can generate sitemap from this tool and upload it in your search console.

Learn more about XML Sitemaps here


Use: SEO and Website Analysis

Woorank is again a good tool to analyze your website’s performance and quantify the optimization efforts. It helps in analyzing all basic elements like the title tag, meta tags, headings, alt tags, mobile friendly, backlinks, social and more.

Test your website on WooRank


Use: SEO and Website Analysis

Similar to Woorank, Seoptimer also helps you to quickly analyze your website’s on-page SEO, usability, social, performance and more.

It also offers recommendations on what further steps you can take to enhance your SEO tactics. In comparison, it trumps woorank if you want to really look at your website’s status.

Test your website on Seoptimer

Website Grader by HubSpot

Use: SEO and Website Analysis

Another awesome tool for website analysis and SEO, Website Grader by Hubspot. It offers you all the elements you need to improve your website and your optimization techniques.

Learn More about Website Grader

Yoast SEO Plugin

Use: Technical SEO

This is the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress.

It is one of my favorite tools to implement SEO elements and I can’t recommend it enough.

It is a paid plugin, however, the free version offers all the basic things you will need to get the job done

If you want features like more keywords and key phrases, content insights, internal linking and more, you can opt for the paid version too.

Learn more about Yoast SEO Plugin

Free Broken Link Checker

Use: Link building, Technical SEO

The name is enough to tell you that this tool will check all the broken links(dead links) on your website. It is helpful in link building strategy as well.

Check broken link here


Use: Keyword Suggestion, Backlink

The next free SEO tool on my list is Ubersuggest by marketing legend Neil Patel. This tool helps you with a hoard of things in the SEO department. You can research your desired keyword, related keywords, top keywords along with optimization insights and information about paid and ranking difficulties.

You can even add the domain name and it will help you with backlinks of the competitor’s domain and data like top ranking pages of that domain.

Try Ubersuggest here

Google Keyword Planner

Use: Keyword Research

This is a keyword tool from Google Itself, so you know that it’s good.

It will help you check the keywords average monthly searches, difficulty level and bid value for the top position and more.

I highly recommend using the Google Keyword Planner to find your target keyword and all other keyword research related activities.

Try Google Keyword Planner here

Google Trends

Use: Keyword Research

Knowing how popular or used your selected keyword is important and this tool will help you do exactly that. Search for your brand name and check out how often are people looking it up. You can search for any term’s popularity and it also shows you the related queries, related topics and more.

Try Google Trends here

Keywords Everywhere

Use: Keyword Research

Keywords Everywhere is a Free browser extension to help you with keyword research right from your browser. You can easily install the extension for chrome and firefox and start using it right in the browser.

It shows results when you search it in the Google search box and gives in-depth data on the search volume, CPC and competition for that keyword.

Try Keywords Everywhere Today


Use: Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Link Building

SEMrush is the ultimate tool that helps you with your keyword research, rank tracking, on-page SEO, backlinks audit, content analysis and more. It is a complete tool which helps you improve your website SEO, competitor analysis and more.

If you sign up for Free, you will get 14 days trial and after 14 days you can use the limited free version. You can even go for the paid version if you want to use the all in one tool.

Try SEMrush here


Use: Keyword Research

I use spyfu to analyze the competitors. It offers an excellent feature of competitor shared keyword that gives you a good insight about the competition and comparisons. You can even check ads that you are running. There are many other features like Competition, Paid competitors, Top keywords, Adwords history, ranking history and more.

Try Spyfu for your website here


Use: Rank Tracking

I use Serpfox to track website ranking for the defined keywords.

You can add keywords for your website along with locations and it will track the result as per the given location. It works really great.

Explore Serpfox here


Use: Content Analysis

Whenever trying to decide a good topic to write a blog about, choose BuzzSumo. It is a content analysis tool in which you can simply search for keyword or domain and explore content that is trending with the maximum number of social shares respectively.

You can find the most shared content and decide on your blog topic based on the latest trends.

Explore Buzzsumo here


Use: Content Analysis

This user-friendly content analysis tool helps you see how your page would look on Google Search Result Page.

The free tool also shows you how your content will look like when people will share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more platforms.

Try Metatags.io here


Use: Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Link Building

Ahref has Free backlink checker tool. It has a huge backlink index which is regularly updated ensuring that you get the latest backlinks every time.

It has many great features like Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, Link intersects, Site audit, Rank tracker and more. However, the free version is limited to backlinks checker and you need to purchase the tool if you want to explore more features.

Try Ahrefs Backlink Checker here

Backlinks (from Neil Patel)

Use: Backlink Analysis

Recently Neil Patel has released this tool called Backlinks and is a great tool for competitor backlink analysis. It is also available with Ubersuggest so you can use both of them together.

It gives you data like the domain score, your follow and no-follow backlinks, referring domains and more. In short, it gives a total idea about your or your competitor’s domain.

Try Backlinks free here


Use: Backlinks Analysis

This free toolbar shows you the page and domain authority. You can download Chrome and Firefox extension to start using it and can see them in the Google Search Result itself.

Try MozBar here

SEO Tools FAQs

What are SEO tools?

SEO tools are either desktop or cloud-based(online) solutions that enable you to perform on-page SEO on your website or off-page SEO.

There are many activities involved in SEO such as Keyword Analysis, Website Analysis, backlinks analysis, page speed optimization and more.

For each of these activities, you will find plenty of tools that get the work done faster and make your life easier. These tools are created to ensure that can do all these tasks in lesser time and with more efficiency.

How do SEO tools work?

Just like any other software, SEO tools are programmed to perform specific tasks. For example, a website SEO audit tool scans your website and finds out the potential problems on your website that you can fix to improve your SEO.

Similarly, a keyword research tool will have a database of keywords with their search volume. You can easily find out the keywords related to your domain along with their search volume, ranking difficulty, and other important information. It scraps the entire internet to collate this data and presents it to you.

How can you use SEO tools effectively?

First of all, you must have a list of all your SEO related tasks. Based on this list, I suggest you try out different tools for each task.

Once you try different tools, you will get an idea of which tool is the right fit for you. The one that checkmarks all your needs will, of course, be your favorite tool.

It’s that simple.
If this is confusing, don’t worry. I will help you out.

Simply march on the Google search bar and search for “tool name + review” or use the term “best SEO tools”. You will find a plethora of articles from various experts that you can refer or you can check out my article about the same as well.

With a little trial and error, you can decide the best tool for you.

Are the SEO tools worth it?

Ah! The million-dollar question, is it worth investing money in SEO tools?
The short answer is Yes.

SEO involves a lot of things that need to be reviewed daily, these tasks demand the efficiency offered by SEO tools.

A lot of the SEO tools are free so they won’t cost you money. So performing your task via a free tool without spending money and at the same time, you are reducing your efforts.

So definitely worth it.


There you go!

These are the 25 best Free Audit SEO tools that you can use to improve your website rankings.

These tools help me a lot and I hope this will help you get started with your SEO.

If you don’t have a budget and still want to perform SEO, this is a list that you want to explore.

Did I miss any awesome free SEO tools?

Do you have better tools that you use?

Let me know in the comments and I will add it to the list.

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