How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts [10 Actionable Tips]

How to write SEO friendly Blog Posts

Like any other skills, the art of crafting engaging and user-friendly blogs can be easily improved with a little bit of hard/smart work and a whole lot of practice. And contrary to the popular belief, there is no secret on how to write SEO friendly blog posts. There are simple steps and guidelines that you

17-Point Blog Post Checklist for Bloggers Before Hitting Publish

17-point Blog Post Checklist for Bloggers

Blogging is hard and there’s no doubt about- especially creating engaging content! Creating that epic blog post that’s engaging and drives organic traffic requires you to put in your blood, sweat, tears and rubbing the lucky rabbit’s food and more. Don’t forget all the must elements from content formatting to grammar check, and content optimization

How to start a blog using WordPress.com in 2020? [10 Steps Tutorial]

start a blog tutorial

This post was most recently updated on December 27, 2019 Congratulations! You have already taken the first step to start a blog. You can be your own brand or become a consultant. You can even become an influencer or make money through affiliate marketing. Thousands of fellow bloggers make a little side money along with