Top 3 Powerful WordPress SEO plugins to increase your Google Ranking

Being a blogger, you will agree that SEO plugins are an integral part of your day to day blogging requirement. So, what could possibly happen if you have some of the powerful WordPress SEO plugins to make your life as a blogger much easier and in turn your blogs more effective and easy to create at the same time.

Today, I am going to share top 3 WordPress SEO plugins. These plugins will make your life easy as a blogger.

SEO is a core thing when it comes to blogging. You have to increase your reach on Google to get free organic traffic.

These free traffic will help you earn more money in lower cost/acquisition. 

WordPress has in-built SEO features but you can still use SEO plugin to make few things easier like -submit your sitemap, setting up canonical, default meta tags, connect with Google Search Console, Schema and so on.  

Let’s find out, which are the top 3 plugins and how you can use these  effectively?

At the end, I will recommend the best plugin that you may opt for considering your specific preferences.

All in one SEO pack

Price: Free, Pro starts at $97

All in one SEO pack is one of the most popular SEO plugins with 2 million+ active installs.

It is a tool which helps you make your SEO better. You need to decide on your own ‘how to apply it on your pages’ as it won’t give you any suggestions.

You can activate required features in the plugin as per your need, so it makes it a little light weight in terms of website speed. It is really good.

In the tool, you can go to ‘general settings’ and setup all required SEO basics. 

Here are the most useful features that you can setup for using this plugin.

  1. You can add meta title, meta description using plugin. You can also use variables to make it dynamic for the pages or post.
  2. You can connect your Google Search Console and other webmaster tools like Bing.
  3. You can define noindex for the page which you don’t want to be indexed in Google.
  4. Create your XML sitemap.
  5. You can define social metadata of how content will look like on social sites.
  6. You can also edit .htaccess and robots.txt file from this plugin.

Pro Features:

  1. If you are using woocommerce for your store, it has a very good advance features that will help you rank higher.
  2. Video SEO module is only available in the Pro version.
  3. You can control SEO settings for tags, categories and custom taxonomies. If you want to rank for such pages, it’s really helpful.
  4. Access to premium support forum and knowledge base makes working with this plugin seamless

Get All in one SEO Pack Pro Version       Get All in one SEO Pack Free Version

Yoast SEO Plugin

Price: Free, Pro starts at $89

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin with over 5 million installs. I use this plugin for many of my websites. In fact, I use this for this website.

Best part of this plugin is, it gives you suggestions. Once installed, you will get timely suggestions to improve your SEO.

It also helps you improve your content for SEO. You have to add Focused Keywords and based on this, it will give you suggestions whether it’s good or you need to improve.

It will also give suggestions on readability of your blog content. It will show you this with different color similes to understand the status.

You can even see the meta title and description similar to Google. You can even control your content on the Social Media. Additionally, it allows you to do noindex, canonical and more.

And, you don’t have to worry about XML sitemap. It generates automatically.

You can do a few settings to make it easier to implement.

  • Connect to Google Search Console,
  • Add your social profiles,
  • Setup template for meta title and description,
  • It also allows you to turn on/off features provided by plugin.

In short, you will get most of the things in the free plugin. You can go with the ‘Pro version’ only when you want to boost your SEO and you have some knowledge about it.

In Premium version it allows you to

  • Add more keywords
  • Internal linking suggestions. (This is one of the cool features which helps you with interlinking easily)
  • Content insights
  • Redirection
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Ads.

Get Yoast SEO Pro Version       Get Yoast SEO Free Version


Price: Free, Pro version starts at $39

SEOpress is a powerful SEO plugin which helps you do SEO for your website. It has 60,000+ active install as on today.

It’s a free plugin with No advertising unlike others.

It provides a useful feature of ‘content analysis’ and surprisingly with the ‘free version’.

You can enter more keywords and it will give you analysis of your post.

Analysis is very informative and you will see good tips and technical issues with your post as well. This can give an edge to this tool over its counterparts.

Apart from these unique features, you can easily do all the basic things like updating meta title/description, XML Sitemap, social graph and much more.

It also allows you the import and export facility in case you want to switch from any other SEO plugin.

Another interesting functionality is connection with Google Analytics. It helps you add the code and also helps you track the events like clicks and downloads. You can even setup custom dimension.

Yes, there is a pro version of this plugin which has even more features.

With Pro version you can have,

  • Structured data
  • 301 redirection
  • Google analytics stats in Dashboard
  • Google suggest keywords
  • URL rewriting
  • Broken link monitoring
  • Woocommerce

Get SEOPress Pro Version       Get SEOPress Free Version

Which is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

I’d suggest to try it yourself and decide which one suits best for you. However, I will help you choose the best over here from my own experience.

If you are a newbie to SEO, I would suggest you to stick to Yoast SEO. This is one of the popular SEO plugins and it will assist  you with SEO with your minimum knowledge. It also helps you understand many SEO parameters as soon as you start using it.

Yoast SEO plugin are used by many people so if you are stuck somewhere, it’s very easy to find the solution or ask for help.

And, if you are good at SEO, I would suggest you to use All in One SEO pack. This is the best plugin to use with many features. This is similar to Yoast but you need to know more about SEO as that knowledge is required to use this. It is also lightweight package with better features.

SEOPress is somewhere after both of these. It’s not that popular but I find it really good while using. It has a very good content analysis feature which helps you understand your post. I used it and I found it really good.

So ‘go ahead’ with All in one SEO Pack’s free or paid version. I can’t recommend enough. Recently I decided to switch to this plugin as well.

Don’t worry if you want to switch To another plugin after the same. You can always switch to another better plugin that meets your specific SEO requirements

So, How do you migrate it?

Some plugins have in-built tool for import and export by which you can easily transfer the SEO data to another plugin.

But what if your plugin doesn’t?

Don’t worry, you can simply use another plugin which allows you to migrate all your SEO data to new plugin.

SEO Data Transporter

If you are already running any plugin and want to switch right now, just go for it. It’s easy.


In this blog, I have described the details about the top 3 SEO plugins which can help you boost your ranking and traffic.

I also recommend the plugin (All in one SEO Pack) which is the best plugin to go for now. I am also switching to this plugin.

Again, you can decide on your own by trying all the 3 plugins.

So if you have any other plugin that you are using and you think it’s the best and should be in the top plugin list, please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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  1. Yoast is one of my faves Viken. It just makes life so much easier, and simpler. You get your SEO results down pat, and with less and less difficulty. I dig it. When I use it LOL.



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