Everything I learned from Social Media Day Surat

I was excited to attend the event as I heard from my friends that this event was great in past years when they attended. 

A lot of my friends were raving about how great the Social Media Day Surat has been since the past few years and I was excited to attend it this year. 

I wasted no time before registering once I saw the post from Mr. Bhautik Sheth, one of the leading digital marketing trainers in Surat.

The event had 3 amazing speakers

  • Mayur Bardolia
  • Vanita Rawat
  • Bhautik Sheth

So, let’s talk about what I learn from the event (unique takeaways) and I hope it will help you in your professional career as well.

Note: I am not sharing the marketing or social media tactics that most of you knows like stories, doing social media ads, using hashtags, use quora, platform usage and more.

You Confuse, You Lose

This was a great point from Mayur Bardolia. 

He was talking about the kind of messages you pass to your customer. If you are not sending a clear message, you end up confusing your buyers and that’s how you lose their attention.

So, when you are writing a copy for your ad, landing page, social media messages or anything, being clear is an utmost necessity. 

The Big Problem

Again a great message from Mayur Bardolia. 

His point was to find out the big problem in the market.

The problem must be big enough to find out the big solution. This is the way to grow your business fast. The bigger the problem you solve, the more money you can make.

He also told that you should stick to 

  • One big problem
  • One big promise(solution)
  • One big idea

Bring a smile on people’s face with your ideas or thoughts. This will definitely help you grow your business.

So, finding a gap in the market which is big enough to solve the problem will allow you to grow faster. But your solution should be suitable for the market. Create a buyer’s persona and understand your audience. Once you know your audience, you will be able to solve their problem easily and effectively.

Talk to the client face to face

He insisted on talking to real customers instead of conducting a survey. If you get real feedback from real customers, you will have better clarity about your product and how you can optimize it accordingly.

Most businesses, don’t talk to their client and think that they are building a very good product. So, he recommended to go and meet your customers and talk to them about your product and services.

The best part is, you will learn the real pain points of your customers which will allow you to think from a different perspective and you may have a new idea for your product and services.

Authenticity is the key

This advice was from Vanita Rawat- a successful social media influencer. When it comes to social media, she suggests for you to be you. Do not fake yourself for social media. Just show what you are.

If you are honest, you don’t need to worry about what people are saying. People are way more loving and accepting than you would think

Although was not a new message for me but I believe she threw a very good light on it and explained it very well with her own journey.


Vanita Rawat was insisting on this- don’t be afraid to experiment. 

You might be very scared of doing something which you are not doing regularly but you never know, people might end up liking it- YouTube celebrities like Bhuvan Bam are the proof of it.

Even though I always believed in the power of new and strange experiments. 

You can note down all the experiments and their results. Learn what’s working and what’s not working. You can triple down your efforts on what’s working and you will see good success.

Give Value to your audience

Mr. Bhautik Sheth had talked about giving value to your audience instead of selling your product and services directly.

His topic was about Instagram Stories and was saying that most people try to sell directly to their audience on social media without giving a value.

Giving value will allow you to connect with your customer and will lead to sales. Your audience must trust you in order for them to transact with you.

Social Media Inventory

This was a very good concept from Mr. Bhautik Sheth where he said that you can maintain an inventory of social media. I was not sure when he started on what he was talking about.

I really like what he said about maintaining your social media inventory

Here’s what he suggested.

Profile / Groups / Pages >>> Post, Stories, Articles >>> Images, Videos, blogs, GIFs, Boomerangs.

What you can do is you can build a strategy around this. You must be producing all these resources and regularly share it on social media.

Strategizing is the key! 

Social media should be an integral part of your overall digital marketing strategy to make it more impactful. 

Importance of post frequency on social media

Another gem from Bhautik Sheth.

I was completely unaware of the fact that if you are posting something today and getting some audience and if you don’t post if for 2-3 days, the algorithm of the Instagram won’t give you good reach or engagement on your next post which you will do it after 2-3 days.

I knew that consistency is the key but I didn’t know that post frequency is the real reason behind it

So, maintain your post frequency very well. You should post daily and if you are doing Instagram stories, do it multiple times a day in regular intervals. It will surely give you good reach and engagement.

Sales Funnel for Instagram

Bhautik Sheth shared very good learning about sales funnel which bewildered my mind.

It was in 2 parts. One for less than 10,000 followers and another for more than 10,000 followers.

< 10,000 Followers> 10,000 followers
Link in Bio
Show the give away
Swipe up

Key to success

Lastly, Bhautik Seth shared a key to success for Instagram Marketing. 

In fact, I would say most of these apply to most of the social media.

  • Story Telling
  • Use more Stickers launched by the platform
  • Use more visuals and less text.
  • Combination of videos and images work really well.


Overall it was a really great session and a Sunday morning well spent. I learned a lot and had fun while doing so. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo with them but I will surely not miss it the next time.

I shared my unique learning from this session and I am really going to implement all the possible strategies in my growth and I am sure this will help you with your growth as well.

If you were part of it, feel free to leave a comment with your learning or ask questions about it. 

And If you liked the article, leave a comment with what you think about these learning and what will you implement in your strategies? 

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