How to create a website using a website builder: Step by step guide

This post was most recently updated on June 4, 2019

Are you looking to create a website?

Great! I have created a step by step guide to make a website in just few minutes.

The website is a very important tool for any business today. Having to hire someone or any agency can not only be an expensive proposition but also can take up your valuable time.

Luckily, you don’t need a technical knowledge to create a website from scratch these days. There are many free or paid website builders available which will help you build your website in just a few steps.

In this guide, I will show you how you can build a website in just 5 steps without any complexity.

Note: If you need my help, feel free to contact me, I will help you setup your website without any charges.

Before we get started, I would like to share why I prefer website builder for a website.

Why should you go for Website Builder?

I recommend you to use a website builder. Most people create their website for increasing their business or branding.

And, website builders are easy way to build a website without spending too much money.

I built my own website on WordPress.com because everything I needed was available on the platform to save the time.(Signup Now with WordPress.com, it’s free to start)

Here are the reasons.

  • A wide range of templates.
  • Options to customize each element.
  • Pre-built sections to design the good looking website.
  • Drag and drop facility to build quickly.
  • Easy to update your pages after going live.
  • Save on designer or developer fees.
  • Fast, reliable and secure website.

I think these are enough reasons to start with website builder instead of developing custom website.

Next, what do you need to create a website?

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting Provider(In our case Website Builder)
  3. Your 20 minutes attention

Let’s get started.

Here is a step by step process for creating a website.

  1. Choose a domain name
  2. Choose a website builder
  3. Select and Customize your theme
  4. Edit your content
  5. Bind a domain name with your website builder (Go Live)

STEP 1: Choose a domain name

Your domain is important because it will be an online identity of your business. The domain name should be easy to remember, hence it should be something short and catchy.

Here’s how to choose a good domain name for your business.

  • Choose the catchy and easy to remember name.
  • You can choose “.com” as the domain name.
  • Choose a shorter name. Probably 2-3 words or less.
  • Avoid using hyphens, underscore and numbers.
  • If you are building a personal brand for your business, use your name as domain name.
  • Add keywords in your domain name for better SEO effects.

Nowadays, you can easily get a domain name of your liking from any service providers such as Godaddy or Bluehost.

Here is a guide on How to Register Domain Name for your blog or a website.

STEP 2: Choose a website builder

A website builder is the fastest way to build a website. In recent times, website builders have become easy to use tools with robust options which allow users to create beautiful websites in few simple steps.

So, how to select the right website builder for your business?

There are certain factors to consider on which you may decide to choose your preferred platform over the others. You can consider parameters like Theme Selection, Ease of Use, Responsive Design, Website Speed, SEO Options, Third-Party Plugins, Cost, Email,  and Support.

You can learn more about these parameters from this website builder checklist.

Once you select the website builder of your liking, you can get started by signing up with them using your email address.

Below are some of the widely used website builders today.

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Squarespace
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly

Note: Most of the website builders give an option to buy the domain names along with the plan. But they are expensive then Bluehost or Godaddy. So it’s advisable to buy the domain name separately.

STEP 3: Select and Customize your theme

Login/Signup with your email id, once logged in you will be asked to select a theme for your website.

Selecting the right theme for your business is critical. The theme you select will not only represent your business but also the industry you cater to and help you differentiate your business from the rest. If you are not able to find a theme industry wise, you can choose any nearest one and customize it further according to your requirements.

Given how robust the website builders have become today, changing color, button style, fonts, icons and many other elements is as easy it can get. You can first choose your theme color which matches your brand color. You can even use drag and drop feature to customize the page elements and sections.

Don’t take too much time to select the theme when you start. Just pick up any good theme, update your brand color and start building the website.

Next, you have to create pages and contents.

STEP 4: Customize your content

Once you have set your theme as per your liking, it is equally important to put the right content for your website. The amount of content on the website will depend on the number of pages and the design. You can further enhance the website with custom images and videos as per your liking.

Mostly, any website will have one homepage where you can add information about your business, products, services, clients, testimonial etc. And you can also create separate pages for your products or services, pricing, testimonials, clients, FAQs, contact us, about us etc.

You can either hire a content writer or write your content if you are good at it. Please ensure that your content is simple and easy to understand by your end users.

You can even update your social media links, Google Map or Directions. Sometimes you may break your design while adding content. So do not forget to test your website after you finish customizing your content.

STEP 5: Bind a domain name with your website builder(Go Live)

Now, your website is ready and we will see how you can make it live.

Every builder will offer you an option to bind your domain name with your website. You just need to get A record or Name Server from your domain control panel and add it into website builder.

It may sound a bit technical but believe me it’s not. In case you still find it difficult, You can simply contact your domain name provider asking about A record or Name Server and they will help you get this information.

To simplify further , you can even buy your domain name from a website builder. Most of them offer facility to buy the domain name. You can find this service in Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

Please note that once you change the A record or NS details in your website builder, your website will be live in 24 hours. Occasionally, it can go live instantly but it can take some time to reflect it throughout the world.


You can make a website according to your liking in just 5 easy steps and without any technical expertise. You just need to know the basics.

Most website builders provide free plan and I suggest you to try them before you decide on platform. However, you don’t have to try all of them, just try top 3 or 4 website builders.

After trying them, If you are still not able to create a website on your own, you can always get help from these website builders. They have a very big community where you can easily find someone who can create a website for your business in one time fees.


Learn how to make a website for free using website builder wix. Or If you are going to create a blog, Start a blog using WordPress.com from here.

Are you still spending a lot of time and money to build your website? I would love to hear your thoughts below in comments.

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