Weebly Review

Rating: 4.1 / 5
Price: Free, Starts from $8/month
Last Updated: 20 Nov 2018

Weebly is an intuitive and user-friendly website builder that helps you create a website for your business. It is one of the best website builder available in the market. If you are not technical and wanted to create a website on your own, this is one of the best options.

Weebly is one of the widely used and popular website builders used by 40 million plus users.

Let’s find out why you should choose Weebly as your website builder.


Screenshot_2018-11-14 Weebly Themes - Beautiful Themes for Your Site, Blog or Store

You can create a website by selecting and customizing existing templates. Weebly has hundreds of well-designed templates. Templates are fresh, responsive and designed as per the latest trends.

You can select templates category like personal, business, blog, portfolio, personal, events, online store etc. You can customize the template you like as per your website requirements.

There is a drawback where you can only choose selected colors. You can’s choose any color that you like. Theme options are limited in the template.

User Experience

Weebly has a flexible and easy-to-use editor which I recommend to those who are not aware of technology. Anyone can create a website using Weebly without any coding knowledge.

You can build the page by using drag and drop elements. Drag and drop any element in the page wherever you find it suitable. You can easily edit any text or image on the page by just clicking on that element. You can even re-arrange all the elements by dragging it across the page sections.


Each element you add on the page comes with a range of customization options. It allows you to make changes to fonts, size, alignment, changing text and more options. The button will get options to change the button’s style, link, position, spacing and more. Similarly, you will get options for all the available elements in the editor.


You can add new sections to the page. When you add any section to the page, you will find pre-designed options. For Example: If you add gallery, contact, featured or any other section, you will easily find different design option for the respected section. You can add the design you like to your page.

This way you can customize your design as per your need.

So, Weebly’s editor is very clean, intuitive and fun to use. I give full marks when it comes to the user experience of this software.

Responsive Design


Weebly offers responsive templates which works in all the devices like mobile, tablet and desktop. Each template is mobile responsive and editable on mobile.

Your website should be responsive as Google considers mobile first index for their search result. It means, your mobile website crawls first. It is one of the important ranking factors for Google.

So, if you use Weebly, your website will be compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop.

Website Speed

Website created using Weebly has a good loading speed. I did not face any issue with the website loading speed. However, I heard some complaint about the website speed.

Compare to other website builders it has little more downtime and speed issue. Still, it doesn’t make much difference so you can still go ahead with Weebly.

Weebly has still decent website speed and uptime. You won’t face any major issue with the speed.

Restore version (Undo)

Many times you delete the page or page content by mistake while creating a website. So it is important to have restore or undo feature in your website builder. I consider this as one of the requirements for choosing website builder.

Weebly currently doesn’t have this feature. However, if you contact support, they help you restore pages if possible. You can’t restore your content or image changes.

You can still undo your text in your text editor. Undo and redo features are available in a text editor.

It is the biggest drawback of Weebly. So if you find this as your core website requirements do not consider Weebly.



Your website builder must have SEO(Search Engine Optimization) settings. SEO will help you get more visibility in Google and you will get more traffic to your website.

Weebly gives facility to change the meta title, description, and other SEO options. You can even add custom code in header and footer of your website. It also allows you to add any custom javascript to your website that helps you track your website.

You can add google analytics, search console or any other tracking software script to your website by using custom code option. It also has a facility to add custom code in all the pages of your website.


Screenshot_2018-11-19 Weebly is the easiest way to create a website, store or blog

Weebly has a free plan and paid plans with a free trial option. Price starts with $8 per month and goes up to $25 per month. This pricing is applicable for annual billing. If you go for monthly billing, you need to pay $14 to $35 per month.

Free plan comes with the limitation of features, Weebly ad, and weebly.com subdomain.

Pricing is comparatively higher than Wix. But it is still a value deal. Weebly gives you a free 1-year domain and $100 Google Ads credit. It is a very good deal for you if you want to get more visitors via free ads credit.


Email address is a need for your business. Email address with your domain name will help you give a professional impression to your client.

Weebly has partnered with Gsuite and provide email services integrated with Gsuite. You will subscribe to Gsuite only through Weebly. I believe it will be a bit costlier and you can’t use any other services.

24/7 Support

Weebly provides support via three different channels.

  1. Support Ticket via Email
  2. Live Chat
  3. Phone

Support tickets are available 24/7. Other two channels are not giving 24/7 support. You can still talk to them on live chat on a specific time period. Phone support is available on paid plans. Weebly provides priority support in pro and business plan.

Apart from the above support option, Weebly also has tutorials and a community forum where you can find the answers to your questions.

Overall, support is very good. And if you are stuck somewhere while creating a website, you can easily get your question answered or you can find answers in a tutorial or support forum.

Weebly Features

Yes – Free Plan
Yes – Unlimited Storage
Yes – Unlimited Bandwidth
Yes – Free custom domain
Yes – SSL security
Yes – Mobile Optimized Responsive Website
Yes – Blog
Yes – Newsletter sign-up
Yes – Contact form builder
Yes – Payment Option
Yes – SEO tools
Yes – Marketing Tools
Yes – Online store
Yes – 24 / 7 Support
Yes – Edit access in mobile

Pros and Cons


  1. Intuitive and easy to use Editor
    Weebly has one of the best website editors in the market. Anyone can easily build the website using drag and drop feature. It also offers section wise and element-wise options which makes it easier to make changes to website templates.

  2. Hundreds of well designed and responsive templates
    Templates designs are as per the latest web design trends and responsive. Weebly has categorized the template as per business need so you can find one for your business easily.
    You can even switch your template after creating your website which is not possible in Wix.


  1. Email service – Gsuite
    Weebly tied up with G suite for providing Email service to their users. G suite is little costly than other services. But it is also one of the best email service provider. However, I still put this point as cons because it won’t allow you to choose email service other than G suite.
  2. You can’t restore the previous version
    Restore option is critical for anyone who is creating a website. As a human being, we might leave the mistake on the page. Restore option comes handy when you realize your mistake and want to restore the last version. Weebly does not provide this option.

Do I recommend this?


Weebly is very intuitive and easy to use website builder. The editor is very easy among all the website builders.

You may find price bit higher than others. But it’s worth using it as a website builder over others if you find it easy to build.

I would suggest you try creating a website using a free plan. Once you build your website and familiar with the functionality of Weebly you can take 15 days free trial of the paid plan and once you are completely satisfied, you can further decide to go ahead with the paid plan.

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